Reinventing Human Capital Search

r/ally is an enterprise search solution for human capital. It adds intelligent automation to your existing HR/HCM solution by extracting the hidden skills and knowledge in your database. r/ally uses machine learning to find the information about your employee's skills and knowledge that traditional search tools are unable to find.

This improves productivity, fills vacant positions quicker and gives managers the visibility to create teams across divisions and silos. r/ally acts as an insurance for companies, by highlighting which skills are in short supply, helping them to retain MVPs and better compete in today's mobile, geographically dispersed workforce.


Case Studies

Human Capital Search for Staffing and Recruitment Professionals

Building Cross functional client teams in a global Management Consulting Organization

Using next generation search to find hidden skills in the semiconductor industry

How r/ally's Intelligent Collaboration Platform Works

r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

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