Reinventing Human Capital Search

r/ally is an enterprise search solution for human capital. It adds intelligent automation to your existing HR/HCM solution by extracting the hidden skills and knowledge in your database. r/ally uses machine learning to find the information about your employee's skills and knowledge that traditional search tools are unable to find.

This improves productivity, fills vacant positions quicker and gives managers the visibility to create teams across divisions and silos. r/ally acts as an insurance for companies, by highlighting which skills are in short supply, helping them to retain MVPs and better compete in today's mobile, geographically dispersed workforce.

r/ally Human Capital Search Discovers "Who Knows What" In Your Organization

Knowledge workers spend up to 60% of their time searching for information that someone in their enterprise already knows

r/ally's machine learning, Human Capital search solution immediately finds individuals with the relevant skills or knowledge across your entire enterprise

Just enter the skills, knowledge or experience you are looking using your natural language and r/ally’s search engine provides a ranked list of candidates who fit the task

r/ally not only understands skills; it uses continuously updated external data sources to understand associated concepts across multiple industry segments

r/ally understands the association between skills, experience, knowledge, products and everything related to your team members work activities and history

Using ‘traditional’ keyword or Boolean searches, these skills are hidden unless the exact word (spelled correctly) appears in someone’s profile.


Human Capital Search

Human Capital Search is a unique machine learning search solution for HR/HCM, Talent Managers and Staffing/Recruitment Professionals. Using multiple data sources, r/ally identifies individuals who meet the skills, project experience, product, customer or functional knowledge criteria needed to fill a permanent or project role.

r/ally's Human Capital Search solution understands industry specific terms or products, the association between skills, experience, and team member work history. It displays a weighted list of candidates who meet the criteria, highlighting their skills, profiles, primary areas of expertise and associated knowledge topics in graphical form for easy analysis.

Finds individuals based on associated knowledge even for technical industries where proprietary terms are used

Accepts simple natural language input – no keyword or Boolean searches, no scripting or programming

Displays weighted list of candidates who meet the criteria, detailed skills profile, primary areas of expertise and associated knowledge topics in graphical form for easy analysis

Uses continuously updated external data sources to understand associated concepts across multiple industry segments

Understands Industry specific terms or products, association between skills, experience, knowledge, products and everything related to team members' work activities and history.

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r/ally Collaboration Platform

r/ally’s collaboration platform is a cloud based application that interacts with r/ally’s Human Capital Search engine. Using the platform, colleagues find co-workers who can help them complete everyday tasks from "who knows the pantone of the background color on your website" to "who wrote the code for a plug-in utility for a small client 5 years ago?"

Users enter a task into the application and co-workers who are part of their private user group are notified of the help needed. Simultaneously, the r/ally search engine is interrogated, and it returns a suggestion of who can help with the task. r/ally then notifies the right individuals and tells the requester whom r/ally has contacted.

Available on Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms as well as desktop and responsive web.

Configurable sub-groups for multiple group membership and one-to-one interaction mode to discuss topics privately outside of enterprise user group

Gamification enables workers skills' to be added or increased through recognition by others, saving users from having to self-update profiles

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Human Capital Talent Management

Build better teams. r/ally’s machine learning capabilities, coupled with an advanced reporting feature, enables team leaders, project manager and talent managers to build more effective, cross-functional teams. Managers enter natural language searches to quickly identify candidates across global enterprises based on skills, project/product knowledge, experience and location. r/ally's Human Capital Talent Management solution will pick out the top ranked candidates even if the relevant information is not listed in an employee's profile.

Organize team by function, location and nominate supervisory roles

Find skills in highly technical industries where proprietary terms are regularly used

Reduces ‘time to market’ by providing managers with visibility of skills and associated knowledge across the enterprise for optimal use of enterprise resources

Configured for professional services, consulting, and technical industries like IT, semiconductors, aerospace, oil and gas.

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Human Capital Strategic Planning

Human Capital Strategic Planning provides senior management with a graphical representation of the quantity and quality of skills, experience and knowledge across the enterprise.

It provides invaluable ‘insurance’ against any event that has the potential to negatively impact on revenues streams that are dependent on knowledge based products and services.

Strategically undertake quantitative and qualitative analysis of the workforce in order to identify who has the most valuable skills across the enterprise

Discover which MVP has the rare skills, project experience or knowledge needed to meet SLAs or support important clients and best selling products and services

Take action to retain the human intellectual property in the enterprise by augmenting rare, ‘in demand’ skills and project knowledge

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Industry Solutions

r/ally learns and understands the language of your industry

r/ally for Professional Services

Cutting edge consulting firms understand that maintaining an up to date repository of employees skills, experience and knowledge remains critical to their success. Trying to find very specific and specialized skills, particularly with emerging technologies, can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

r/ally’s Human Capital Talent Management can be used to assemble and organize cross-functional teams expediently, with disciplines ranging from Information Technology, to Accounting & Audit, in multiple geographic locations.

r/ally derives skills, experiences, knowledge and other attributes that are industry specific to enable companies offering national and international consulting services to deploy the optimal skills and experience for their most important clients.

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r/ally – Adding Intelligence to the ATS for Staffing and Recruitment Professionals

By 2020 more than 40% of the workforce will be a temporary worker, contractor, or someone who will plan to be employed by more than one enterprise during each calendar year.

This presents a unique challenge for Staffing and Recruitment Professionals – both internally in the enterprise and externally employed by independent staffing and recruitment services companies. Searching databases of thousands, and in some cases, millions, of resumes to find the right individual quickly and efficiently is a labor-intensive task, particularly because today’s requirements from employers are for very specific skills and experience.

r/ally applies machine learning algorithms to our enterprise search solution to enable search consultants to find individuals already hidden in their existing ATS or legacy databases. Because of its comprehension of associated concepts, r/ally finds people with associated skills, knowledge or experience in your resume system that are closely connected to the skills you need, even if those skills are not specifically listed in your database.

And because r/ally is not another ATS or database system, it’s non-invasive. Once it’s connected to your ATS, it will automatically search updated profiles. Learn how r/ally significantly reduces the time and effort taken to find the required skills by getting the Staffing & Recruitment Case Study.

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r/ally for Semiconductor, Aerospace & Technology Industries

Some of the products in electronics and manufacturing are designed to outlive the careers of the people who designed and created them. It’s not unusual for an integrated circuit or an avionics component to have a life span of decades.

Likewise the applications developed for large-scale enterprise IT projects also have a life span of many years and require continual maintenance. One of the biggest risks to these enterprises is that the developers and designers of these products retire or leave to work for a competitor.

r/ally’s Human Capital Strategic Planning enables enterprises to assess its skills inventory to determine at what point in time certain skills may be in short supply so they can augment skills or experience across the organization. This ensures that customer requirements, and Service Level Agreements are met, or that the product roadmap is not jeopardized by because the lead designer retires or leaves for a competitor.

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Cross Platform Availability

Works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

Cloud Based

No 'on premises' hardware or software to support

Private 1-on-1 chat

Users exchange knowledge in a private environment

Knowledge Visualization

See where expertise resides in your company

Private Sub Groups

Create private environments for discrete internal groups

Natural Language Skill Search

Locate expertise with syntax free search queries

r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

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